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​​Freezer Repair Needs To Happen Quickly

Did you just go to Costco and buy a bunch of frozen meat and come home to a broken freezer?  Before you hit the panic button give Quick Appliance Repair a ring.  They can come over and diagnos the problem and possible repair your freezer before your meat goes bad.  See what people are saying about our company.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Freezer?

If your freezer stops working or isn’t working as efficiently, it’s time to decide whether or not you should repair it or replace it. A freezer can cost as low as $200, depending on the size and type you’re looking for. If you’re looking to repair your freezer, an appliance repair company can help you.  We can actually repair any

​Refrigerator Repair Needs To Happen Quickly

Did you just buy $100 worth of groceries and realize your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly.  Definitely not a fun situation to be in and can be very stressful.  We all know it’s only a matter of time until the refrigerator becomes warm and you lose all the food you just purchased.  Luckily Quick Appliance Repair can fix your refrigerator fast.  Our company actualy repairs all major types of appliances.  Just give us a call today and schedule your appointment.  Our company is located through out the state of Florida.  

Should I Repair Or Replace My Refrigerator?

When your refrigertor breaks down you really have two options.  Option one is to go out and buy a new refrigerator.  There are many different types of models, look and brands.  Depending on what you choose a new refrigerator could cost you FROM $750 -20,000.00 .  Option two iCALL Appliance Repair and they can fix your refrigertor.  So which option should you choose?  First question is how old is your current refrigerator?  If it’s past 12-13 years than I would recommend getting a new fridge.  But if your refrigertor is only 3-4 years old than it is probably worth repairing.  The other question is how much do you like your refrigertor?  If you really like the brand, model and look of your refrigerator than get it repaired.  But if you really don’t like the look or style than you might as well get a refrigertor you like.  There are many types of refrigerators and luckily we repair all brands.  Many customers have recently given us feedback, which you can view.  

​What could go wrong with your refrigerator?

Condensation can occur on the inside or outside of the refrigerator.  If the seal around the door isn’t sealing properly than the inside of the refrigerator will not cool properly.  Also look for mildew or mold around the seal.  Both of these items can be very dangerous and should definitely stay away from any type of food.  If your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly first check out the seal and look for any condensation.  

Loud sounds

If your refrigerator has become louder than normal then there is definitely something wrong.  Most refrigerators should make very little noise when running correctly.  In most cases there is a problem with the motor and it will need to be replaced.

Leaking water

Refrigerators that leak water can be very annoying and expensive if not taken care of quickly.  If the defrost drain gets clogged that water leakage is likely to occur.  Ice, debris or food can cause the drain to clog, which quickly leads to a water leakage. 

Ice build up in the freezer

We have all seen this happen before.  Ice builds up in your freezer and the ice machine stops working.  Now you are dealing with a huge chunk of ice that takes forever to defrost.  In this scenario the motor on the ice machine may need to be replaced.

Refrigerator temperature isn’t cold enough

In this case most likely the defrost thermostat needs to be replaced.  You can also trying cleaning the condenser coils in the back of the refrigerator.  Be careful and do your research before making a purchase.  

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