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24 Hour Emergency Refrigerator Repairs

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​The Most Knowledgeable Repair Technicians in the Industry​.

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​We are committed to a true "white glove service" while in your home.

Rated # 1 Thanks to Our Customers.

24-Hour Emergency Refrigerator and Freezer Repair Service.

Be sure the appliance repair company you invite into your home is the best possible!​

Factory Certified  Repair Service

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Refrigerator Repair near me

St Augustine Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Service​

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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Service near me St Augustine 

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Refrigerator Repair Since 1958   -   Honest - Reliable - Reputable

   Appliance Repair - Refrigerator Repair
St Augustine Appliance and Refrigerator Repair - fast, courteous, honest, and reliable service provided by the most experienced, knowledgeable appliance repair technicians in the industry. Preforming between 12 to 1400 Service Calls a year, also having been ranked top three in the district by Sears Home Services, is just a small example of our experience and knowledge of your home appliances.  


   Experience exceptional support and join the loyal following that we call family.
 We are a family-owned company. For generations, we have dedicated ourselves to exceeding customer expectations through exceptional service. It’s that dedication that sets us apart, and provides additional assurance that we will be satisfying for you 

"White Glove Service"

 Should any problems with your appliances arise, you deserve the best service experience possible: fast, complete resolution of all issues, and the peace of mind that goes with it, at a fair price. Here's why our service delivers that "best in class" experience:

Certified technicians are handpicked, rigorously screened and trained.
Experts in product maintenance, diagnostics, repair and customer relations
They use only genuine replacement parts, and have many of them on hand so your problems will be resolved quickly and completely
They are committed to true "white glove service" while in your home.h here.