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Experience the difference of well-trained and professional technicians that will perform a fast and thorough repair, giving you the quality service you expect and deserve with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and our fast-response customer service & factory-trained technicians are available for emergency repairs at all times and are able to provide same-day repairs. We are always ready to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Be sure the appliance repair company you invite into your home is the best possible!

St Augustine Appliance and Refrigerator Repair have over 200 Google 5 star verified reviews by neighbors with a 4.9 average.

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    If you live in St. Augustine, Vilano Beach, Ponte Vedra, Butler Beach, Palencia, Elkton or any of the surrounding areas in St. Johns or Flagler County, look no further than repair refrigerators Sub Zero Repair Man Ponte Vedra
St. Augustine Appliance & Refrigerator Repair Service.
   With over 30 years of experience in the appliance repair business, we have delivered appliance service to thousands of clients each year, who have grown to trust us.
We never compromise our quality of service. St. Augustine Vilano Beach Ponte Vedra Beach appliance repairs appliance repairman refrigerator repair
   Our expertly trained technicians deliver a consistent and professional experience tailored to your specific situation. From a washing machine repair that isn’t draining properly to a refrigerator not cooling properly, our technicians will treat you and your home with respect. In fact; due to our superior level of customer service, many of our customers look to us as their preferred home appliance repair service provider.  
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 When the unfortunate need arises to have an appliance repaired, we strongly recommend performing your due diligence and researching who you are considering doing business with, you deserve a company that you can entrust in your home.

​24 hour Emergency Refrigerator Repair

GE Repair Service 904-802-1998 - Support for GE Monogram, GE Profile, GE Cafe, GE Refrigerators, GE Freezers, and  GE Ice Makers - GE Appliance Service

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GE Refrigerator in Need of Service?

Contact Our Certified Technicians Today!
Prompt & Reliable Service · Competitive Pricing
Services: Oven Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Dryer Repair, GE Appliance Service

GE Monogram Repair Service Specialist

GE Appliance Repair near me St.Augustine 

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GE Repair - GE Appliance Service -904-802-1998,GE Repair Service​General Electric Appliance Repair,GE Freezer Repair​, GE Refrigerator Repair

GE Appliances Contact Us: Call us on the phone for friendly customer support and assistance.

​​GE Appliance Repair St Augustine Appliance Repair


   GE Appliances is the brand you know and love for its wide range of exceptional household appliances — but even the best appliances eventually require a little professional care and attention. Here at St Augustine Appliance and Refrigerator Service, that's exactly what we provide. Our highly skilled technicians have the know-how to fix GE appliances of all ages and types, including ovens, refrigerators, freezers and more. We always arrive with an extensive inventory of parts, which means we can usually get the job done — and your household routine back on track — in a single visit.*

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  Our 5 Star performance standards cover product maintenance, diagnostics, repair, and customer relations.This includes our commitment to providing a reasonable price, great communication and outstanding responsiveness.

Customer Service-

  Our customers are our highest priority. We will diagnose and give an estimate of repairs. With your approval, we will get the repair done. We guarantee our work,in or out of warranty. We'll help you get back in working order again in no time, while also showing you how to extend the life of your appliances.

Appliance Repair Service and Support

  St Augustine Appliance & Refrigerator Service is well equipped to take full and comprehensive care of your appliances, offering: A 5-year warranty effective on any parts used in the repair. ... A team of professional, well-trained service technicians supporting the life of your appliance.


  Experience exceptional support and join the loyal following that we call family.
 We are a family-owned company. For generations, we have dedicated ourselves to exceeding customer expectations through exceptional service. It’s that dedication that sets us apart, and provides additional assurance that we will be satisfying for you.


  Your repairs are faster and more efficient with our service. We keep a variety of genuine, factory-made appliance parts on hand, enabling us to provide a quick resolution to your problem.T

GE® Refrigerator in Need of Service? Contact Our Certified Technicians Today!, Prompt & Reliable Service · Competitive Pricing, Services: Oven Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Dryer Repair, GE Appliance Service

​GE Profile Repairs - Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice-Makers

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​​​​Washer Repair

   Washers as all appliances are an essential part of our daily lives; we need them for the convenience and necessity of having clean close daily. If you have a full house, kids, and pets and maybe even a grandmother, you most likely use the washer daily. So, when the washer is not operational this can be a major disaster and can completely ruin your daily routine.

  Washers of today are geared more towards effenciety than to be a workhorse, they can be fragile, to say the least, with all of the go green mentality of today, all appliances are using less and less of everything, water and electric to be more specific. This takes a number of computers, like motor control boards, computerized pressure switches and a number of sensors that operate the machine down to the ounce measurement of water going into the unit. It is very important that when you wash clothing today, you clean out pockets, make sure that there is nothing in them, the smallest item can break a washers drain pump.

Common Issues:

Not Draining, Not Spinning, No Start, Stopped Mid-Cycle, Door Won’t Open, Door Won’t Close, Clothes Come Out Dirty, Clothes Still Soaked After Wash, Soap Not entering the Unit, No Hot Water, No Cold Water, No Water

  Washers can be very temperamental because of sensors and safety devices inside of the unit. If one or more of these components has gone bad or has come disconnected for some reason, the unit will usually completely stop and give you an error code on the display. If this happens, make sure to write the error code down and keep it for a technician; if you decide to call an appliance repair company to take a look at the unit. This is a real help for the technician and can speed up the process of getting the repair done.

    ​We are your local repair company for your appliances. That allows us to provide a lower overhead cost and faster service. We also support the community that we work in. When we come to your home, we will diagnose the problem with the appliance, and in most cases immediately do all the repairs on the spot. We respect your house as we would our own and we keep the noise at a minimum and clean up after ourselves. We strive to ensure that the only thing that will have changed after we leave your home is that your appliance is working.

10 BBB Customer Reviews

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